Selective Coatings & Inks, Inc. is a privately owned American Ink Company which specializes in the manufacture of gravure and flexographic inks for the packaging and allied printing industries.     The company's philosophy is embodied in its logo and trademark, which represents its dedication to applying the latest technology to product design and formulation.

     The application of the most up-to-date scientific theories and testing equipment to new product formulation has continuously enabled SCI to lead the way with unique technical developments covering many product areas. Such developments have put SCI in a position to provide technically advanced products to the printer and in turn, the end user. 

Selective Coatings & Inks' clientele range in size from small businesses to the most recognized Fortune 500 companies; it can be said that SCI is in partnership with many of today's blue chip printers and end users. This relationship gives worldwide exposure to SCI inks, which appear on a wide variety of well-known products, including packaging for...
bulletdetergents and soap
bullethousehold products
bulletfast foods

In this era of rapidly changing global economics, SCI remains clearly at the "leading edge" of technology with the know-how needed to successfully meet the challenges of the future.